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Shower Head and Massage Panels

The updated technology in the world of plumbing have consistently made the world’s bathrooms more luxurious and functional at the same time. The massage panels that are available for installation in the home are one of the increasingly popular features that can serve multiple purposes in the bathroom. The functions of this item can help promote both physical and metal wellness in the shower experience. For the ultimate in relaxation and for therapy for sore muscles, these panels are worth their weight in gold when installed.


Some of the models that are available feature a showerhead with a fixed position. The heads are wide and spray water a bit differently than traditional shower heads. A hand held shower is sometimes also part of the panel, giving the user the ability to direct water as they choose. This feature will come in handy for a multitude of uses. The jets along the front of the panel provide an amazing function that users will relish. Before installation, it is crucial to keep in mind the height of the users. If the goal is to hit that spot on the back that always needs some extra attention, be sure the position of the panel will provide the ultimate experience.


Aside from bringing a wonderful massage experience into the shower, the modern look of the shower panel will make the bathroom look updated as soon as it is installed. The different functions are laid out along the panel in a logical fashion. The panel itself is available in a wide variety of finishes available to match other bathroom accessories featured in the remodel. They range from sleek stainless steel to a warm brown color that would work well with many types of tiles. A black finish enhances the modern look and purpose of the panel. The white finish is bright and will look as invigorating as the massage that it gives will feel. The overall basic design of the thermostatic shower massage panel is simple compared to the many functions it will perform. This amazing device does not take up a lot of space in a shower area, but it will bring many options for physical experiences that will soothe and invigorate the body and the mind.


The installation of the shower massage panel can be done by the homeowner if they are experienced and confident in their abilities of plumbing work. After inspecting the device, one may come to the conclusion that they may need more expert advice and assistance. As with many things these days, videos are available online that will show the steps involved with the installation. These instructional videos can be very helpful.

The decision to install a shower massage panel into an existing shower or into a new bathroom remodel is a wise choice. The investment will be considered money well spent after the first shower and experimenting with the different choices of massage. While it is still possible to just take a standard shower with the shower panel, most users will find that they enjoy using one or more of the different functions. After a long day of working, time spent in the shower with the panel will not only wash away all of the stress and chaos of the day, it will also ease any sore and tired muscles and make it easy to get the body back into comfort.

If you have questions about which shower panel is best suited for your design style and needs, the team at UniqueVanities.com is ready and willing to answer your call at 866-526-1843. With licensed Contractors and Designers on staff it is not only their goal, but their pleasure to find the one that suits your needs and give you the proper tips to install it!