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Glass Vessel Sink Buying Guide
One of the easiest ways to bring a clean, crisp look to your bathroom vanity area is by incorporating a glass vessel sink. These sinks come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. You may think that glass sinks will always be clear and transparent, but you can have opaque or solid color glass as well. You can even have multiple colors in a glass sink. One of the keys to matching a glass vessel sink to your bathroom is getting a sink that fits appropriately in size and style. The buying guide below will help you purchase the perfect sink.

Type of Mount
One of the most important specifications for a vessel sink is the type of mounting options it will work with. Not all vessel sinks are made for top counter mounting, for example. There are some vessel sinks made especially for partially recessed installations or under counter mounts. You should read the specification for the sinks you are choosing from to make sure the product you purchase will work with your desired installation preferences.

Size and Height
Once you find a sink that will work with your installation preferences, you must also verify that the sink will actually fit your counter top and cabinet. You should check the width dimension for your sink to ensure it will fit in any cutouts. If you plan to top mount the vessel sink, you will want a sink that is not bigger than your counter top. Additionally, you need to make sure the depth of the sink is appropriate for your cabinet if under mounting. You do not want the sink to interfere with drawers, doors or pipes.

Faucet and Drain
Some vessel sinks require specialty fixtures. This is especially true if you are top mounting the sink. Top mounted vessels require a tall faucet and spout construction that will clear the side of the sink. Normally, this type of vessel sink also requires a single hole faucet configuration. This means the faucet comes up as one piece from the counter and the control lever for water flow and temperature is usually on top.

Our glass sinks come in a variety of styles and colors. They are easy to clean and make a durable and elegant accent, particularly in contemporary rooms.

Shape and Color
Since our glass vessel sinks come in a variety of shapes and colors, you can find an item that will match your decor. Try to choose a color that goes with more permanent elements in your room, such as wall or cabinetry. Matching the sink to the shower curtain can be troublesome if you later replace the shower curtain. It is much easier to match shower curtain and other elements to the more permanent elements in your room.

Plumbing Concerns
Plumbing concerns are a major part of any sink selection. Ensure you have a basic understanding of the existing plumbing in your home and are able to understand sink specification to purchase the right items. If you are not sure, it is always best to consult someone familiar with plumbing.