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Floor Mirrors

Wall Mirrors Offer Larger Than Life Benefits

Mirrors are a time-honored way of adding visual interest and light to any room in the home. They can make a small room seem larger, offer unique views, and even double your window space when set opposite a beautiful view. However, they’re not all created equal. Wall mirrors are wonderful additions to your home, but floor mirrors might offer you even more benefits.
What Are Floor Mirrors?
Floor mirrors are very large mirrors designed to take up most of the vertical space on a wall, from near the floor to several feet up. Some are actually designed to stand on the floor itself. They can be single panel mirrors, multiple panel mirrors, folding mirrors or take on other designs. Simply put, they offer immense reflection capabilities, adding to your rooms in some interesting, unique ways.
Types of Floor Mirrors on Offer
We offer two types of floor mirrors, those that mount on the wall and extend almost to the floor, and floor-standing models. Floor standing models can be self-supporting, or designed to lean against the wall (they can also be hung). Wall mounting can be done vertically or horizontally, and you’ll find that many of our floor mirrors are designed for both methods to fit your needs better (or they can be leaned against the wall of your choice as a décor piece). Our cheval mirrors offer the iconic style you want, including the adjustable mirror on a sturdy stand for use in the bedroom, bathroom, dressing room or as a focal point in another room in your home.
Materials for Floor Mirrors
Because floor mirrors are very large, they need to be made from strong, high quality materials. You’ll find that our mirrors and frames fit the bill. From metal to natural wood and MDF, all of our mirrors are manufactured to ensure they’re durable and resilient, offering long life and plenty of good looks. You’ll even find some more exotic materials in the mix, including gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf and more.
Things to Know Before Buying
Floor mirrors are a bit different from wall mirrors in terms of what you’ll need to know before purchasing them, unless you intend to hang it on the wall. If you’ll be using it on the floor, you need to know the width of the mirror, as well as the height so you can make sure you have the appropriate amount of space. You’ll also need to know the weight for the installation process (we highly recommend two or more people for moving and installing these mirrors due to their weight). If you intend to hang the mirror, you’ll need to know how it’s set up for hanging (vertical, horizontal, or both), and what hardware is needed to secure it to the wall.
Styles of Floor Mirrors
We’re proud to bring you access to the widest possible range of floor mirror style. From the timeless classic cheval mirror to sleek, modern designs, rustic frames, gilt frames, precious metals, rare woods and more, you’ll find the perfect accent piece for your home.