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You may not realize how many options are available for bathroom vanity selections until you start looking. At Unique Vanities, we try to make your vanity shopping experience pleasant by providing a plethora of styles and colors from which to choose. One way we accomplish this is by offering partially complete vanity selections. You have the option to complete the vanity by purchasing additional elements at the same time, if desired. Our line of double vanities without a counter or sink offers a way for you to build the perfect piece for your room. Since purchasing all the elements of a vanity separately may seem like a daunting task, we are providing the shopping guide below. Sometimes a homeowner has a custom counter top or one that they just can’t part with even when the base needs to be replaced. With careful measuring, it is possible to find a replacement base that will work with the existing counter top.

You first need to consider what size base cabinet you need. This will be determined by the space available in your bathroom and by your own personal preference. Our double vanity base cabinets come in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find a suitable piece. Measure your available wall space and account for the need to move in and out of doors. This will provide you with a maximum width for your vanity. Next, decide how far from the wall your vanity can stick out. Make sure you think about the need for moving about in your room. This will provide you with the depth for your vanity. Finally, you will want to consider how tall you want the vanity to be. Remember that you will be adding a counter top to the base cabinet, and that could add 1 to 3 inches to the height of the piece.

Style and Finishing
Our double sink vanity cabinets are available in a variety of styles and finish. From traditional to modern, you are sure to find the right element for your room. You can also choose from glossy black, wood tone or white finishes or go with a more traditional or distressed finish. It is important to choose a finish that complements your bathroom and will go with the counter top, sink and fixtures that you have on hand or will purchase separately. The wide selections make it very easy to find just the perfect piece for the vision of the space. Getting a piece that matches the architectural styling of the house is the best bet. The collections offered within these pages makes that task quite doable!

Storage Options
Storage is usually a big deal for most people selecting a vanity. In order to determine what type of storage you need, consider the items you normally store in a vanity. Do you store towels or cosmetics? Do you have an existing linen closet or other storage in your bathroom? This will help you decide whether you need a large cabinet space, large drawers, several small drawers or open shelf space. You should also consider who will use the vanity and what they might need to store. Having cabinets and drawers within the bathroom cabinet is a great way to keep all personal care products near at hand but also out of sight. This really helps to make the room look neat and tidy. The style designed with an open shelf area give a great spot for showing off decorative items within the bathroom for a pleasing look.

Other Options
Aside from ordering a vanity with or without a counter top and sink, several of the creators of these fine vanities offer matching mirrors and linen cabinets. This is a wonderful way to keep the décor style working as one throughout the space. It is also an easy to way add more storage space which is always helpful in a bathroom, as well as bringing more personal viewing area to the room, another thing there can never be too much of in a bathroom or dressing area. These offerings are clearly indicated on the individual descriptions on each page.

Just before you purchase a vanity, you should conduct a plumbing checklist. This is especially important if you are ordering separate elements. You need to ensure the sink, cabinet, fixtures and existing plumbing in your home will integrate in a functional manner. You should consider a few non-plumbing issues as well. For example, you want to make sure the vanity cabinet will not block power outlets or heating elements. The bases available at the site come with a pre-cut hole in the back of the piece. This is to accommodate the water lines and drain pipe. It makes installation so much easier when this has been done during the manufacture of the base, rather than having to cut it out at the place of install. Much of this work can be done by an experienced and confidant home owner with the right tools. If not, it is simple to find a local handyperson or professional plumber to get the job done right.

Care and Maintenance
After making the investment and going through the work of remodeling it is important to take care of the vanity, sink and counter top to make sure it will always look its best, even through much use. Natural wood can be cared for with furniture polish or lemon oil. This will also protect it in the moist bathroom environment. The veneer on an MDF construction can be cleaned easily with any common household cleaner.

How to Order
This website is set up to make shopping from home very simple and enjoyable. No going to several home supply stores, it is all right here and convenient. Any options to choose from on any selection are easy to make with the drop down menus. The process can be completed entirely online or a message can be sent with any questions to one of the available customer service representatives. All prices include free shipping.