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Adding Pizzazz and Style with Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are far more than utilitarian tools for the bathroom or bedroom. They can be amazing décor pieces, opening up your home by expanding smaller rooms, and adding both natural light and interesting visual effects. Our selection of decorative mirrors offer you a wide range of options when it comes to adding pizzazz and style to your home.

What Are Decorative Mirrors?

Decorative mirrors come in a very broad range of styles, sizes and types, but they all have one thing in common – they feature visually interesting frames. You won’t find any plain, unadorned mirrors in this category. They all offer tremendous, eye-catching appeal with frames and edging methods. Even our all-glass decorative mirrors provide a focal point and stand out to viewers.

Types of Decorative Mirrors on Offer

Our decorative mirror selection comprises a broad range of different styles. You’ll find ovals, circles, squares, rectangles and even earring shaped mirrors available. Each offers something different to your home. Long rectangular mirrors add dimension and space, and square mirrors can do a similar job, while also doubling as wall art. Circular and oval mirrors work well as decorative pieces and help add both dimension and light to a room especially when installed across from a window. We also carry unique types of decorative mirrors, including lattice designs, and square mirror sets nestled in copper sheeting.

Materials for Decorative Mirrors

All of our decorative mirrors are crafted from the highest-quality materials. You’ll find natural metals like copper and steel, as well as gold and silver leaf. In addition, we offer natural wood frames, woven metal and unique glass frames that add to the beauty of the mirror being framed. Antiqued cherry wood, nickel, painted glass – these are only a few of the materials you’ll find available.

Things to Know Before Buying

Before buying any decorative mirrors, it’s important to know a few things. You’ll need to know the size of the mirror and the size of the mirror with the frame. This will directly affect your installation – make sure you have the appropriate amount of wall space. You will also need to know how it’s designed to be hung, whether vertically or horizontally. Many of our high quality mirrors are designed to be hung in either direction. The mirror’s weight is another factor, as this will affect everything from the mounting hardware and location to the installation process (we recommend having two people to install all decorative mirrors). For decorative floor mirrors, you’ll need to know the same information, but pay attention to floor space in the installation area.

Styles of Decorative Mirrors

We understand that different homes have different décor styles, and to that end, we offer the broadest possible range of decorative mirror styles. Whether your home is sleek and modern or comfortable and rustic, you’ll find the mirrors you need to add light, beauty and style. We stock antiqued mirrors, vintage designs and classic styles, as well as European and old-world styles as well.