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Bathroom Vanity Options for Larger Bathrooms

The bathroom is often an area of the home that is not heavily decorated, yet the right decor can create a bathroom that is pleasant and reflects your personal style just as much as any room in your home. The centerpiece of the room is typically the bathroom vanity. The right unit can be found to provide the best combination of storage and design.  

Whether you are working on a bathroom from the ground up or remodeling an existing bathroom, be aware of the variety of vanity options available. Vanities designed for smaller bathrooms can look out of place in a larger setting. Make sure that you have a clear picture of the room layout and your dimensions when shopping for your particular unit.  

Consider how many people will use the bathroom. If the room will only be used by one person, there are many possibilities. An ornate single vanity serves the needs of one person while providing a large amount of storage space and a nice design aesthetic to the room. This extra counter space will add the space necessary to warm up a straightening iron or lay out a shaving kit. If you are interested in a more minimalist look and storage is not a concern for you then choose a vanity without cabinet space. These are usually very clean in design and give a bathroom a very sleek and contemporary look. 

If the bathroom is being shared by two people, a double sink vanity may be the best option for you. Double units come in a wide variety of styles, antique to contemporary, and everything in between. A double vanity provides you with plenty of counter and storage space for both users.  

Another important decision is whether you want a free-standing or a wall mounted unit. This is really dependent on taste, but is an important part of bathroom design. A very popular look currently involves a wall-hung sink combined with a floating vanity. You can get really creative.  

Most retailers will offer you the opportunity to select your wood finish. Dark woods remain popular; add a glaze to give it a contemporary look. One of the hottest finishes at the moment is an espresso finish, which appears nearly black and has an opaque finish. Choose from antique, traditional, or contemporary styles. Mix and match aspects of each in your bathroom to make it your own creation.  

When deciding on your color palate, try matching the vanity accents to the colors in the room. It's much easier to change the accents and drawer pulls later than it is to repaint the entire bathroom. Fixtures come in many finishes and can either match the look of the bathroom or completely alter it. Popular fixtures come in nickel, brushed chrome, satin nickel, antique brass, and more.  

Whatever choices you make, your bathroom should be a beautiful addition to your home, an extension of your personal style, and a functional room for everyday use. There are a lot of options to consider in a large bathroom, but with a little shopping and some creativity you'll find the perfect vanity to complete your master bathroom.

Written By: Julia Ritzenthaler