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Bar Sinks

When designing a kitchen or bar area, convenience is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Making the area useful is important, and creating it to look great is also possible as well. Installing a prep sink in the kitchen will make things easy for the cook as well as the person cleaning up. Many jobs in the kitchen can be done without having to use the main sink. In a bar area, having a wet sink makes entertaining the focal point because there is no need to go to the kitchen each time the sink is needed.

Type of Mount
There are different ways to include a bar or prep sink in the space. There are sinks that are mounted on the top of the counter as well as those that are installed with the top flush with the countertop. Within either type of design there are many styles or finish choices to choose from. Both styles will add a sleek look as well as great convenience to the area.

Size and Height
Some spaces will only accommodate a small sink, which is why there are many sizes available to choose from. A small size will provide the same wonderful purpose as a larger size. There is also a range of depth sizes. A prep sink in the kitchen island need not be deep to help with any many jobs, so often, sinks of this type are designed with a shallow bowl. Keep in mind that the height of the bowl is the depth when it is installed.

Faucet and Drain
When planning the installation of the prep sink, keep in mind the location of the drain and where the faucets will hook up. Some sinks are available with two drains at either end of a U-shape bowl. This could be handy for when many people will be using the sink at the same time. The sink is usually sold separately from the faucet and drain, making it easy to get the best selection. It is a good idea to have measurements and configuration handy when browsing the site for the correct sink.

Shape and Color
Most bar or prep sinks are round or rectangular in shape. These shapes provide the best area for working. As with most home improvement purchases, there is a wide range of materials and colors to choose from. With the many choices available it will be quite easy to find the one that goes best with the existing décor. Copper is a popular choice, not just because of the wonderful antique patina of the natural material but because it is very sturdy and is naturally resistant to bacteria. This is an important consideration for a sink area.

The people at Unique Vanities know all about the importance of making just the right choices. Deciding on the shape and size is easy at this site. Any questions about installation or materials are easily answered by the pros here who want to make sure each customer is satisfied with their purchases. Making a home comfortable, convenient and looking great is a fun endeavor when working with the professionals.