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Bar and Prep & Kitchen Sinks

Having a bar area in the home is great for entertaining guests. The added convenience of having a unique sink in the bar area will eliminate the need for trips to the kitchen when preparing drinks or snacks. Additionally, having a smaller, secondary prep sink in the kitchen will save steps while preparing meals and will make clean up time faster. Why create a mess in your main sink for small cooking projects? Installing a prep sink in the kitchen island works out very well for most people.

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Size and Height
When selecting a sink for the bar or as a prep sink in the kitchen, it is important to determine if the sink is to be installed in the under mount position or if there is a rim that sits over the counter. Some sinks also have an apron front. Each one requires different installation techniques. When choosing the sink, keep in mind the depth of the sink is the height of the bowl. Prep sinks are available in a variety of shapes. Most of them are round or rectangular, there are also some that are a U shape with a drain at both ends.

Location of Plumbing
Before beginning installation, it is very important to check things such as where the supply lines are located and the height of the drain pipe. When choosing a faucet, make sure the correct amount of holes are on the counter top. The faucet hook ups must be compatible with the connections on the water supply lines. Adaptations may need to be made with parts from a local home improvement store. Taking photos or making notes of the set up will help in finding the correct parts at the store.

Faucet and Drain
Most sinks are sold separately from their respective faucets and drains. That being said, there are many options that will fit standard size faucet and drain holes. Check the length of spread on the faucets and the size of the drain hole before you order. There are several types of drain covers available, so you'll want to make sure the features of the type of drain you select match the use you need it for.

Style and Finish
There are many popular materials used in the finish of bar and prep sinks. The most common of these is copper. This natural and recyclable material is resistant to germs so that bacteria growth in the sink will not be a problem. This soft material is also resistant to corrosion which is an important consideration in a work area. Copper is often finished with brushed nickel, the color of which may go better with the bar or sink area than its natural finish. Copper sinks are also available with a natural antique copper finish that can lend a rustic elegance and charm to the room. Additionally, this material will develop a warm patina over time. Often the material has a hammered finish that creates a texture that will enhance the overall look of the sink. With the proper care, a copper sink will last for many years of heavy use.

When starting the job of installing a bar and kitchen prep sink, it is always better to have a wide selection of products to choose from so that all the possible options have equal consideration. The number of products that are available from UniqueVanities.com showcase the best of what is out there in the market today. These high quality items are all made with the best of craftsmanship and of material that is durable and long lasting. Have a question on which sink is right for your individual project? Call us at 866-526-1843. We've got a Designer and Contractor on staff for just that purpose!