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Rustic Charm and Warmth with Antler Chandeliers

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of a rustic hunting lodge? Now you can have that look and feel in your home, even if you live as far from the mountains as it’s possible to get. Antler chandeliers offer the rugged, rustic look you crave in the perfect format for your home.

What Are Antler Chandeliers?

Chandeliers offer the ability to add light to any room in the home by suspending the fixture from the ceiling. Antler chandeliers up the ante here by combining the utility and light emission of chandeliers with the beauty of nature – deer antlers are used to add visual interest to the fixture, or even to create the entire body of the chandelier. They’re available in any size imaginable, and make the perfect addition to your dining room, foyer or family room.

Types of Antler Chandeliers

There are several types of antler chandeliers available, but they all have a few elements in common. First, they all feature multiple lights, although these might resemble candles, or they might be more reminiscence to modern lights. You’ll also find some chandeliers made entirely from mule deer antlers, and others that combine different materials, including wrought iron. The single largest difference in the various antler chandeliers available is the number of lights – choose from as few as four lights to as many as 36 lights to fit your specific application.

Things to Know Before Buying

Before you purchase an antler chandelier, you’ll need to know some specific things about your installation area. How much clearance do you have under the chandelier? This will determine your maximum height/length. You should also determine whether an adjustable chandelier or a fixed format fixture would be better for your needs. The width of the chandelier is also important, as is the number of lights on the fixture. Wider fixtures with more lights are better suited to larger rooms and installations higher above the floor. For a more intimate setting, a smaller chandelier with fewer lights would be best.

Styles Offered

You’ll certainly find that all antler chandeliers slot comfortably into the “rustic” category, but they’re certainly not all the same. There are chandeliers made completely from antlers, as well as those that combine wrought iron with bone for a more refined look. In terms of antlers, you’ll find both mule deer and Coues deer antlers available depending on your need (Coues deer antlers are larger). There are also multiple styles of lights available, from onyx shades to candle-style lights and more.

Customize Your Order

Adding the rustic style you crave to your home is as simple as choosing the right antler chandelier. However, you don’t have to purchase an “out of the box” solution. You can customize your chandelier to fit your needs perfectly. From the antler arrangement to the color of the wrought iron’s finish to the type of shades used on the lights, you have many ways to create a chandelier that is uniquely yours.


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