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Double Sink Bathroom Vanities 48 to 84 Inches Wide with Free Inside Delivery!

We offer Free Shipping including Inside Delivery & Debris Removal on all double sink vanities to the 48 contiguous United States. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

There are many things to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity. First, of course, you need to determine whether you need a double or single vanity. This is usually determined by preexisting plumbing in your bathroom, but if you are shopping for new development or a new room in your home, it may be up to your personal choice. Our line of antique double vanities offers a great selection and the buying guide below will help you determine if one of these items is right for you.

Double vanities can be a few feet wide or stretch to eight or nine feet. The size you purchase depends on the size of your room and how much available wall space you need. The bigger the vanity, the more functionality and storage you can expect. However, the benefits of big are quickly outweighed by the negatives of a cramped space if you order a model that is too large. You should also consider depth, especially if you have a narrow bathroom. Your vanity should not get in the way of movement within the room.

Style and Finishing
When you are considering style and finish, look at the entire vanity package. Our antique vanities come in a variety of luxurious finishes and are topped by granite, travertine, marble, glass or ceramic. Cabinet finishes in our antique line range from classic white to dark wood hues. You may also want to take into account the type of hardware, decorative carving and shape of the cabinet, as all of these items will add to the look of the piece. Our antique vanities are an excellent choice for luxury rooms, traditional decor or for adding a classical touch to your bathroom.

Storage Options
Just as cup holders play an important role in any vehicle, drawers, doors and shelves are extremely important when it comes to your vanity selection. Not everyone needs a great deal of storage in his or her vanity, but if you do, you know it. Consider who will use the vanity area and how they will use it. Do you need multiple small drawers so everyone in the house can have personal storage space? Perhaps a single large cabinet will work better to store towels and a few supplies. If you already have a large closet or other storage options in the room, you will not need much in the way of vanity storage and can opt for a cool looking piece that meets other need. If you have no other storage, then your vanity selection may be based solely on how many drawers and cabinets it has.

A vanity that does not integrate with existing plumbing and other items will not be a functional vanity. Ensure your vanity selection matches your plumbing elements and will not interfere with lighting or electrical outlets. If you have plumbing for a single sink, do not purchase a double vanity. You will also need to ensure you understand the vanity's needs when it comes to sink type and fixtures. When purchasing items to go with your vanity, make sure you double-check specifications and fit.