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Frameless Mirrors – Beauty Unboxed

We offer more than 50 custom framing options for mirrors and medicine cabinets, but we also offer a wide range of frameless mirrors for those who want simple, beautiful elegance with no embellishment. Frameless mirrors can work just as well as framed mirrors in your home, and can still bring beauty, light and life to every room.

What Are Frameless Mirrors?

Frameless mirrors are exactly what they sound like – mirrors with no wood or metal frames. However, that doesn’t mean they’re completely free of embellishment. Many of our high-quality frameless mirrors have mirrored borders to add visual interest, and even our completely frameless mirrors are streamlined, beautiful and elegant. Some even feature ornate designs created right on the mirror’s surface.

What Types of Frameless Mirrors Are Available?

We’re proud to offer a number of frameless mirror types, including wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors. We offer fixed mirrors that work either as a traditional mirror for your dressing and grooming needs, or we can offer adjustable wall mirrors that tilt with the aid of brackets. For instance, our Radiance mirrors offer plenty of natural light reflection and the perfect personal viewing space, but are affixed with decorative brackets that allow the mirror to pivot side to side or up and down. You’ll discover a range of different bracket styles and finishes as well, so matching your home’s décor is no problem whatsoever.

Materials in Frameless Mirrors

When shopping for frameless mirrors, you’ll find just one material – glass. Our glass is of the highest quality, and features the ideal backing for perfect reflectivity. Strong, durable and easily cleaned, our frameless mirrors are ideal options for both utility and eye-catching beauty in your home. Combine that with our range of brackets to make your mirrors adjustable, and you have a truly winning combination. Our brackets come in a variety of metals and finishes, from wrought iron to polished stainless steel to brushed nickel.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mirror?

Before you buy any mirror, there are some specific things you’ll need to take into account. One of the most important is space – know the dimensions of the mirror you want to purchase (length and width) so you can ensure that you’ve got enough space on your wall. Because frameless mirrors are not supported by any exterior frame, it’s recommended they only be wall-mounted, never used as floor mirrors. You should also consider the weight of the mirror, and the hardware needed to secure it to your wall. Our mirrors come pre-fitted for hanging, and many are able to be hung either vertically or horizontally. Always have help when installing wall mirrors to ensure safety.

Styles of Frameless Mirrors

While frameless mirrors all have one thing in common – their lack of frame – they’re far from identical. You’ll find we carry a wide range of different styles, from ovals to circles, rectangles and more. We offer wall mirrors for your den, family room, hallway, game room and more, as well as high quality bathroom mirrors and adjustable mirrors. You’ll also find more decorative options available, including sunburst styles, engraved/embellished mirrors and more.