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  • Your Bathroom Lighting Essentials

    Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? The easiest way to make a huge change in the look and feel of this essential little room is to change your lighting fixtures. Imagine, for a moment, that it’s the middle of the night. You wake up to the Call of Nature. Your eyes are completely adjusted to darkness. You really don’t want to wake up any more than you absolutely have to, but you have to walk to the bathroom.

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    When you get there, you flip the switch, and you’re blinded by a bright fluorescent light. Suddenly, you’re jarred awake. The light hurts your eyes, and you’re not happy at all. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you remodel, you can install a dimmer and/or warm, low-level, ambient lighting that won’t jar you awake when you have to use the restroom in the middle of the night. It will also be a more pleasant way to wake up when you get up in the morning to take a shower and get ready for your day.

    As you start to plan your remodeling, keep in mind a few lighting essentials, and you’ll be sure to end up with the results you want in your bathroom. Here’s an overview of those bathroom lighting essentials.

    Keep the Style of the Room in Mind

    Do you want your bathroom to have a modern, minimalist style? Are you a fan of beach themes? Do you prefer a more romantic style with lush earth tones? Think about your personal style and how you want to wake up every morning. Think of the atmosphere you’d like around you when you’re taking a shower every day.

    If you want a minimalist look, for example, recessed lighting, accented with 2-4 strategically placed pendant lights, will be a lot more in line with your style than a crystal chandelier.

    Consider Your Lighting Needs

    What are your specific lighting needs for your bathroom? Do you need a well-lit mirror for shaving or doing makeup and hair? Do you want to accent a particular piece of décor?

    Take a few minutes to brainstorm everything that you need in this room, both things obviously related to lighting and not. You might be surprised how it all relates. For example, if storage space is on your list, you’ll need to figure out how much. Then you’ll need to figure out if you need to figure out if you have space to allocate for wall sconces, or if you’ll need that space for cabinets.

    Don’t limit yourself when you brainstorm about these things. Once you have a good list, you can go back over it and decide which items are “needs”, which ones are “wants”, and how to achieve all of your needs and most of your wants on a reasonable budget and in the space you have.

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    Your Fixture Choices

    When it comes to lighting, you have a lot of options. Bathroom light fixtures are designed for one of three purposes: tasking, accenting, and ambience. Task lighting is focused on a specific task, like lighting the mirror so that you can shave, do your hair, or apply makeup. Accent lighting is made to accent a piece of décor for an aesthetically appealing affect. Ambient lighting is designed to light the whole space in a pleasing way.

    The fixtures you’ll be able to choose from for these tasks include hanging fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lights. These are usually used for ambience, though two pendant lights, each hung low on either side of the mirror, can also perform as task lights.

    You can also choose recessed light fixtures in your ceiling. These will usually be arranged in a grid or pattern, and they can be used as ambient, accent, or task lighting, depending on their placement. Wall sconces are particularly good for task lighting, as they can be placed beside the mirror for good lighting on your face. Flush mount lights are usually mounted directly to the ceiling, in the middle of the room, for ambient lighting.

    Installation Requirements – Back to Reality

    Now that you’ve done a little bit of dreaming about your new bathroom, it’s time to come back to reality. Are you prepared to hire an electrician to re-wire the lighting for your bathroom? Unless all of your current light fixtures are exactly where you want your new fixtures to be, you’re going to need to hire a professional.

    Even if you don’t need to re-wire your bathroom, you’ll probably still want to call a professional to make sure that everything is installed correctly. If not, you could be paying for your fixtures twice and still paying for someone to do the job, after you try and fail. If you’re comfortable with home improvement, carpentry, and electrical work, though, this could be a fun learning experience and DIY project.


    Content Provided By: Julia Ritzenthaler

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