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Drains for Vessel Sinks: Pop Up and Grid Style

Buying Guide for Vessel Sink Drains
When you purchase a vessel sink or vessel sink fixtures, you normally have to purchase the vessel sink drain separately. Vessel sink drains are a bit different from a drain in a traditional sink, and it is important that you purchase the right style and size drain if you want to be able to hold water in your vessel sink. The following information is provided to assist you in purchasing a vessel sink drain to match your other fixtures.

Overflow versus no Overflow

A traditional sink comes with a secondary drain for overflow purposes. If you have ever looked inside the upper lip of the sink or around the edges, you might have seen a small hole in the ceramic or other material. This hole is the secondary drain through which water can leave the sink if the level rises to that point. A vessel sink does not usually have this hole, because it is not installed all the way under the counter. Because of this, vessel sinks do not require a drain with an overflow. You should always purchase a drain made specifically for a vessel sink that does not have an overflow.

Size and Fit
Fit is essential for a vessel sink drain. Without the proper fit, the drain plug will not hold water and leaks could cause damage to your sink, vanity and floor. Drains are usually measured primarily in diameter. The most common size is 1.5 inches. However, you should also ensure that the drain fits in height according to your plumbing. Since this is an essential piece of your vessel sink, you may want to consult an expert or someone who understands plumbing if you are not sure whether you are selecting the right drain size.

Style and Finish
One thing you might not think about with a simple piece like a drain is style and finish. However, the truth is that people will see the drain. In fact, you will have to stare at it daily when you wash your hands or brush your teeth. Even though it is a small piece, if you think it is ugly or it does not match the rest of your bathroom, you may begin to feel like it reduces the decor of your entire room. Imagine that you have designed a lovely modern bathroom with high polish chrome faucets, towel racks and shower curtain rod. If you install an oil rubbed bronze drain, then your sink is going to look out of place. Style and finish of the drain is especially important if you install a transparent glass vessel sink, because the drain is even easier to see. You should also ensure the drain matches your sink. A chrome drain in a copper sink will just look weird, unless you have coupled chrome and copper as a design element elsewhere in the room. Ultimately, the decision on style and finish of a vessel sink drain is up to you and should be driven by your needs and the existing decor in your bathroom.