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Single Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanities on Sale with Free Shipping!

One of the most elegant ways to outfit a single sink vanity space is with a lovely vessel sink. At UniqueVanities, we offer a selection of single sink vanities that are perfect for use with a vessel sink. They offer a range of counter top and fixture choices that are also designed to support a vessel sink of your choice. No matter what type of vanity and sink you are looking for, however, it is essential that you purchase a model that fits your room in both size and style. Improper fit for your vanity can cause serious functionality issues. To help you find the perfect single sink vanity for your space, we have provided the shopping tips below.

Size is essential for a great fit with your vessel vanity. Even a few inches off can create a vanity that does not fit in your space or seems always to be in your way. If you have an existing vanity, you can measure it to get an idea of the size your space can handle. A more accurate size might be obtained by measuring the actual empty space for the vanity. Start with a side-to-side measurement along the wall to determine how wide the vanity can be. Remember to take into account moving items like doors and drawers. Keep those types of things in mind as you measure out from the wall to determine how deep the vanity can be. While determining a proper vanity size, you should always keep free movement around the bathroom in mind. You want to leave enough space to comfortable reach all aspects of the room.

Style and Finishing
Your vanity choice should match your personal style and the decor in your room. You should try to choose elements that are versatile and will match future style changes. Our vanities with vessel sinks offer a chance for traditional as well as modern looks, and many of our selections allow you to choose from quality counter tops, sinks and fixtures to increase your ability to make a personalized selection.

Storage Options
Storage is an essential part of any vanity selection. You should first consider the type of storage you already have in your bathroom space. For example, do you have a linen closet or shelving? If you have no other storage, you will need to make drawers and cabinet space a bigger part of your vanity selection. When considering storage, you should think about the things you would like to keep in the vanity in order to determine if you want many drawers or a few drawers along with a large cabinet space. Our vanities offer storage options ranging from open shelves, cabinets, cabinets with shelves and various sized drawers.

Once you narrow the selection, you will need to ensure that all things with your vanity will come together functionally. This involves double-checking all components and ensuring your fixtures, sink and plumbing have matching specifications. You may also want to re-examine your vanity space to ensure the cabinet or vanity you choose will not block any other elements in the room.