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Vessel sinks are growing in popularity for bathrooms in many homes. They can bring elegance, a traditional look, or a bold statement to your bathroom vanity. The look of a vessel sink in your space depends on the size, type and color you choose. UniqueVanities offers a plethora of choices when it comes to vessel sinks, including a line of solid surface vessel sinks. These sinks make a great choice for all types of vanities, but you do have to be careful when making a selection. Failure to fit a sink properly in size and style to your cabinet can result in poor performance. This buying guide is offered to assist you in your purchase.

Type of Mount
The first thing to think about with a vessel sink is how you want it mounted. Many people think you have to mount a vessel sink above the counter. While many people choose this option for a unique and elegant style, you can also mount the sink under the counter or have it partially recessed into the counter. Since not all vessel sinks are created equal, it is important to make sure the sink you purchase will work with your mounting preference.

Size and Height
The sink needs to do more than fit your mounting preference, of course. It must also fit your vanity and cabinet. This means the sink dimensions should be supported by preexisting cutouts in the counter top. If you will be top mounting, the sink needs to be an appropriate size for the overall cabinet. A huge sink on a small cabinet will not only cause functionality problems, it may also look ridiculous. You should also ensure sink depth will work with the cabinet. If you are under mounting the sink, you do not want the sink to interfere with under counter drawers or pipes.

Faucet and Drain
Vessel sinks usually require a special faucet fixture and drain. Make sure to double check the specifications for the sink and determine what sort of faucet is required. Most vessel sinks that are top mounted require a single hole faucet that is tall enough to clear the sink ledge. Additionally, vessel sinks generally require a drain without an overflow, but you should verify those requirements prior to making fixture purchases.

Shape and Color
Once you are sure about the size and mounting preferences regarding your sink choice, you get to look at something a bit more fun. You get to decide on shape and color. You should choose a sink that will integrate well into your room. There is a difference between making a bold statement with your sink and choosing a sink that just is not right for your space. You should also keep in mind that the sink may need to go with future design changes.

Plumbing Concerns
The final component to choosing a sink that is perfect for your area is to complete a check on plumbing. Ensure the sink will integrate with existing plumbing and verify whether you require any additional parts. If you are not familiar with plumbing, you may want to seek advice from someone who is.