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Shower Faucets

Taking a shower can be a great start to the day, or a refreshing time at the end of a long work day. No matter when a shower is taken, it is always great to have a nice and easy to use faucet in the bathroom shower. There are many different types of shower fixtures available today, from a simple traditional type to one that has many functions for the best experience.

Length of Spout
There are shower faucets that are permanently attached on the wall, sticking out long enough to stand under. There are also hand held models which make for a really wonderful shower time because they allow the water pressure to be directed right on sore muscles. This style is also great for washing the dog or any other object that can be fit into the tub for cleaning. They also make cleaning the tub and shower area itself a breeze. A slide bar installed with a hand held shower is great to have when the household includes people of varying heights. They can position the shower head right where it works best.

When installing a shower head that does not match up with the existing set up, the unused holes can be covered with a spout hole plate every easily. Most homes have the correct plumbing currently in place so that there will be no problems when replacing or updating the shower faucet.

Choosing a shower with a massage panel can be a great investment. Many hours of having a spa- like experience will be brought to the space with one of these easy to install pieces. There are many pressure settings available within the panel, as well as both a hand held and a solid mounted shower head. The panel itself contains spouts that spray the water out, right onto a sore back for great relief and relaxation.

Another choice available for the shower is a large head that will give the sensation of standing out in a nice rain. This type of shower head will also provide a great experience while getting clean.

A chrome finish is a popular choice for shower heads because it has a bright tone and is very easy to keep shiny and clean. The panel on the massage type models is available in a wide range of colors to best match the existing décor.

No matter what selection of shower fixture is decided upon, the customer service representatives at Unique Vanities are there to help. Any questions that may arise are taken with the utmost consideration to make sure that the client is sure of what they want and that they get just what they are looking for. Designing or updating a bathroom can be a major undertaking, but with the selections and assistance available from Unique Vanities, everyone will have exactly the bathroom they want.