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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Add Visibility, Utility and Style

Lighting outside your home might not seem like a paramount consideration, but it should be. The right outdoor lighting fixtures can bring a great deal to your home and your property, including better visibility, security and, of course, style.

What Are Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Chances are good you’re familiar with some of the many types of outdoor lighting fixtures used today. You’ll find floodlights and security lights among the most commonly used across the country. However, those options, while certainly decent choices, are far more utilitarian than most homeowners really want. You’ll find that your selection of outdoor lighting fixtures includes those that can help you connect with your interior home décor and add style to your exterior, all without sacrificing durability or weatherproofing. Outdoor lighting fixtures can look amazing, and still provide plenty of resilience against the elements.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Most outdoor lighting fixtures can be characterized as lantern style lights, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same style. You can choose from suspended lanterns, wall mount lanterns, hanging lanterns and more. There are even flush mount styles available if you don’t like the look of brackets and mounts. From lights designed to flank your door to lanterns to illuminate that expansive wraparound porch and more, you’ll find a lot of different styles from which to choose.

Things to Know Before Buying

There are several important considerations to make before purchasing any outdoor lighting fixtures. First off, you’ll need to ensure that the fixture is made for the area in which you want to install it. For instance, if you’ll be installing one by your boathouse, you’ll need to make sure it’s rated for water resistance – not all outdoor fixtures are designed to cope with this type of situation. You should also check the height and width of the fixture against your installation area to ensure that they’ll fit properly.

Weight is another consideration here. Outdoor lighting fixtures have to handle much harsher conditions than those designed for use indoors, which means that they have be made from stronger, more durable materials. That all adds up to additional weight, and your installation area has to handle that weight.

Bulb requirements are also important here – you’ll need a stronger light outdoors than indoors. Make sure you know what bulbs are required (maximum wattage) so you can purchase them before the light arrives.

Styles of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

You’ll find a wide range of different outdoor lighting fixture styles available to fit your needs and existing décor. Carriage house style offers a connection to the past combined with elegance and beauty, but you might prefer the Granada style, or the Spanish-inspired grace of the Hacienda outdoor sconce lantern. The Seville exterior lantern is a unique option to pair with the Seville hanging lantern or to use on its own, or you might decide the San Miguel exterior flush mount lantern is more your thing.

Customize Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

You can customize a number of aspects with your outdoor lighting fixtures, including the number of lights, the exterior finish and even the size of the fixture itself. 


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