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Jewel Faucet Company

Providing functional bathroom accessories and fixtures is what Jewel Plumbing Products Ltd. specializes in. With pieces that are hand-crafted in Italy, Jewel brings beauty and usefulness to the room with style. Giving the customer choices is another thing that Jewel understands and does well. With fixtures available in a wide range of finish colors and textures, selecting just the right one to complete the room is easy.

UniqueVanities.com is always proud to offer their customers the best in quality and choices. Creating just the right look with the items that make using the room a pleasure is the goal of this business. Finding the best suppliers available and offering the wares to the customer so that they do not have to search all over for themselves makes redecorating or maintaining a home easy.

Unique Vanities is always proud to work with manufacturers like Jewel because they understand the design and quality of bathroom furnishings. Offering so many options in one place makes outfitting any space easy.Helping the client make just the right choices is the mission of those that work at Unique Vanities. They are there to help with any questions or concerns.

When the room has been outfitted just the way the client desires, every time they use the room they will be reminded of how easy and enjoyable it was to pull together with the great offerings and assistance from those at the Unique Vanities website.