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Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures with Free Shipping!

Exploring Your Options in Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights offer some of the best illumination for whole rooms, and they can be eye-catching pieces of décor in their own right. However, if you think that you’re limited to chandeliers and pendant lights, it’s time to explore some of your other options. Flush mount ceiling lights offer elegance, beauty and tons of style in a more compact package.

What Are Flush Mount Ceiling Lights?

Ceiling lights come in a range of types, but many of them hang down from the ceiling. That’s great for high-mount lights and for dining room chandeliers, but it’s not necessarily the best option for all your lights. What do you do in a room with a lower ceiling, where a hanging light would just get in the way? That’s where you turn to flush mount ceiling lights. These differ from other ceiling lights in that they mount right up at the ceiling and don’t hang down to get in the way. You’ll find them available in a range of configurations and styles, from round to square, rectangular and more. They’re also available in different heights, so you can add some depth to any ceiling.

Types of Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

When it comes to types of flush mount ceiling lights, you’ll find a great deal on offer, from round Escondido models to Media Luna flush mounts, Milano styles and even semi-flush mounts. Semi-flush mount ceiling lights extend further from the ceiling than true flush mounts, but not as far as chandeliers or other types of pendant lighting, adding more visual appeal to your home.

Your Choice of Materials

Flush mount ceiling lights come in a range of materials, with each combination offering something different in terms of style, appeal and light emission. You’ll find hand-blown glass, antiqued glass, wrought iron, stained glass, and even onyx (for the cover). With the range of different high-quality materials available, you’ll find a lighting solution that meets your needs and provides outstanding durability at the same time.

Styles of Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

You’ll discover a range of different styles when it comes to flush mount ceiling lights. There are modern designs that offer clean, streamlined style, as well as those designed with a more rustic appeal. You’ll find Old World traditions, as well as elegant European styles on offer. On the other hand, you might prefer something that hearkens back to the rolling hills of Italy, or the courts of Louis XIV with our Fleur de Lis flush mount light. You’ll also find a range of light configurations from simple two and four bulb options to eight bulb capacities, allowing you to install a light fixture that will provide plenty of light emission for any area of your home.

Customize Your Lighting

You don’t have to buy an out-of-the-box fixture – we let you customize your flush mount ceiling light to meet your exact needs. Choose the finish for the metal, the type of glass or stone for the light cover, and even the number of bulbs your fixture holds.