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Farmhouse Apron Front Sinks with Fast Free Shipping!

Once a common site in farmhouse kitchens, the apron front sink has become a popular choice in kitchens with a more modern and contemporary styles. The design makes a lot of sense for a room that gets so much use. It is also a style that shows off the beauty of the material that the sink is created from. Installing a sink of this type will bring a look that recalls the old farm house in a way that will create a warm and comfortable feeling in the heart of the modern day home.

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Type of Mount
The installation of an apron front sink is just as easy as any other type of sink. The side and back edges rest on top of the counter creating a sealed edge. The front of the sink replaces the cabinet part that traditionally covers the front of a standard sink. This sink can be installed without having to replace any of the existing cabinetry.

Size and Height
The size of the sink in a kitchen depends upon how much use it is expected to get. A single sink works well within most homes because of the use of a dish washer. Double and triple bowl apron front sinks are available for those who require a larger sink area and wish to have separate areas of the sink for different functions. The height of the sink bowl will determine the depth.

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Faucet and Drain
An apron front sink is attached to the existing drain pipe just as a standard sink will be. When the drain is at the back end of the sink, it will allow for more storage space in the cabinet beneath it. Any type of faucet will work with this type of sink.

Shape and Color
An apron front kitchen sink is the standard rectangular shape, as this one is the best for the many uses it will fill in the room. Copper has become a favorite choice of homeowners for the sink because it has a warm antique look and a warm patina that gets more beautiful with age. This material is also naturally resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria. Some copper sinks have a brushed nickel finish that has a modern look that will look great within some styles of kitchen decor. The color of the material is more pronounced in an apron front sink because more of it is showing when it is installed.

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Plumbing Concerns
Making sure that the water supply lines and drains match up with the existing configurations will make installation easier, but modifications are possible by a plumber or someone with plumbing experience.

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