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At UniqueVanities, we pride ourselves on providing for just about any bathroom vanity need out there. To that end, we offer a line of lovely corner vanities that are perfect for small bathroom areas or unique layouts. You are no longer relegated to a small selection and can find lush pieces and gorgeous styles for your corner vanity area. However, without the proper selection process, you may find yourself with a vanity that does not function properly. We hope the buying tips below will help you choose the perfect corner vanity.

Size is a very important consideration with any vanity purchase, but it is essential with a corner bathroom cabinet. If you are installing a corner vanity, then it is likely that you are trying to make the most of a smaller space. To that end, you want to get the biggest vanity you can without sacrificing your ability to move about in the bathroom. You should consider two main measurements when you look at corner vanities. First, how deep is the piece? This will tell you how much the edge of the cabinet will come out from the corner and into the rest of the room. It will also help you understand how much wall space the cabinet will take up. You should also consider how high you want the vanity to be.

Style and Finishing
UniqueVanities desires to offer a choice of style and finish options, even in our small corner vanity selection. You should match the style and color of the vanity to your bathroom and personal tastes. It is important that the vanity will be able to sustain future design changes, so choose counter tops, cabinet finish and hardware appropriately. You might also want to consider your existing accessories and fixtures when making choices regarding your vanity.

Storage Options
In a small bathroom, storage space is essential. Think about what you will need to store in your corner vanity and use that information to make an appropriate selection. For example, if you need to store small items, see if you can find a corner sink with a drawer. For towels, a large open cabinet is usually sufficient. You can even expand the storage options of a corner vanity by placing small shelves or drawers within an open cabinet. Some of our vanities also have matching medicine cabinets and shelves you can purchase. We even offer some medicine cabinets that fit into the corner above the vanity and have a mirror on front for added functionality along with the storage.

You cannot decide you want a corner vanity unless your bathroom is plumbed for that type of option. If you do convert from a standard wall vanity to a corner option, you may need to make some changes in the walls and plumbing, so consult an expert. Otherwise, simply make sure the vanity you choose matches the specification for existing plumbing and desired fixtures. If you are unsure about plumbing terms, you may want to ask someone who is familiar with the topic to look over your selection.