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Cheval Mirrors – More Than a Bedroom Mainstay

Cheval mirrors are more commonly found in the bedroom than any other room of the home, and that makes sense. They’re excellent tools for your daily dressing needs, and they’re beautiful in their own right. However, they can actually be used throughout your home to add elegance, beauty and visual interest.

What Are Cheval Mirrors?

Traditionally, cheval mirrors are tall, rectangular mirrors set in a wood frame and suspended on a support so they swivel forward and backward. They were used as a dressing aid, allowing you to view yourself from different angles. Today, they still serve that purpose, but they’ve become more widespread in home décor use as well. Cheval mirrors can also be fixed, supported by a leg extension in the back. However, they’re always freestanding, and do not require the support of a wall to remain upright.

Types of Cheval Mirrors

We offer many different types of cheval mirrors, from oval to oblong to the traditional rectangular mirror you’re most familiar with. We also offer angled designs for more visual interest, as well as fixed position cheval mirrors. From elegant, heavily decorated frames to smooth, lustrous, unadorned natural wood, you’ll find the perfect type of cheval mirror for your home. All types of cheval mirrors work perfectly in the bedroom or dressing room. However, you can also use them in other areas of the home. Add one to the corner of your family room to bring in light and open up the space. Add one to the den and enjoy the same benefits. They’re far from being a bedroom-only item.

Materials Used for Cheval Mirrors

We take pride in offering the highest quality materials available for our cheval mirrors. You’ll find high-quality mirror glass, as well as luscious natural wood. Our mirrors feature a number of different wood species, including mahogany. Natural wood offers the durability you want, as well as the beauty you desire.

Things to Know Before Buying

Like any other mirror, there are some important things to know before purchasing cheval mirrors. You’ll need to know the height, width and depth of the mirror (to account for the base support) in order to determine where to place the mirror in your home. You’ll also need to know the weight of the mirror to ensure safety during installation. Our cheval mirrors can weigh 35 pounds or more, and we recommend moving and installing them with a helper if you’ll be doing it yourself. You’ll also want to know what type of frame you prefer – elegant European, streamlined American, luscious Old World inspired and English themes are all available.

Styles of Cheval Mirrors Offered

We offer cheval mirrors in several popular styles. Our Fairfax cheval mirror is a perennial favorite, but our Windsor carved oval cheval mirror is also a popular option, particularly for smaller rooms with lower ceilings. Our Monticello mirror features French Renaissance themes, while our Victoria cheval mirror hearkens back to Victorian England. You’ll find the ideal style for your own home.