• How To Patch A Concrete Slab Floor?

    Maybe you were carrying your new 30 inch bathroom vanity to the basement when you noticed the crack in your floor. Or maybe you knew it was there and just figured there was nothing you could do. Either way, there are a couple of different solutions here to a problem that is more common than you may guess.  If, when repairing this damage, you aren’t concerned with aesthetics, follow these steps. First, chip out at least 3 inches of the area around the crack. Mix a bag of concrete and fill in the area you’ve chipped out. Finish by smoothing with a cement trowel and leave to set. Concretes are very difficult to match in color, so if you don’t care what it looks like—this is the way to go. To produce a more evenly matched surface, you’ll follow the same steps we just mentioned. However, after the cement sets, you will want to apply a leveling compound to the whole surface and leave to set. This requires more time and effort, but will produce a clean look to floor you’ve just refinished. If you’re dealing with a larger crack, you may want to consider using rebar attached to the old slab to reinforce your fix. This will provide stability to your solution and hopefully will keep the crack from reoccurring.

    Fix those cracks!

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