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Bathroom Vanities without Countertops

All Bathroom Vanities listed below are offered with a choice of purchasing it with or without the counter top. Most are pictured with a counter top, but if you click through to the product page, you can view the options available.


Most homeowners have a specific design plan in mind when they go to remodel a bathroom. They may want a specific type of tile, a specific finish on their cabinetry, and perhaps unique accessories to compliment the project. Sometimes, when all the other specifics have been decided before the bathroom vanity, it is difficult to find a vanity with a countertop that fits well with the design aesthetic of the other fixtures in the remodel.

Alternately, we have spoken with clients that have already visited a stone yard to find the stone for their remodel and have fallen in love with a specific slab that they are set on using as their bathroom countertop. It is in this case and the one mentioned above that a bathroom vanity without a countertop is generally used.

A bathroom vanity without a countertop exists just as the name would suggest it. It is the vanity cabinet and/or drawers with no countertop attached to the top. These types of cabinets generally do not come with a sink included either. This open cabinetry allows the remodeler to choose a piece of stone and a sink to customize the vanity to their own specific desires. These cabinets still feature a cut out in the back to allow plumbing to be hooked up, but it is the homeowner that supplies and connects all the pieces, instead of it coming already put together. Styles ranging from traditional to modern are available. Sets that include matching mirrors and linen storage cabinets are available as well.

Some of the bathroom vanities that we offer come with the option to get it complete with a top and a sink or without either. These options would be found under the drop down menu on each individual product page. All of the options that you will find on this page will have that option. However, if you would still like some help or direction, feel free to contact our sales staff at 866-526-1843. We love chatting with our clients!