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Bathroom Rugs

A full carpet in a bathroom is not the ideal arrangement because of the wet conditions and any floor covering needs to be easy to clean and dry. Most people opt for individual rugs in the bathroom for warmth, comfort, design, and ease of care.


When stepping out of the shower, it can not only be a cold shock to put bare feet on the floor, but it can also be a slipping hazard. This is why most people place a bath mat directly outside of the tub and shower area. Another area that is great for placing a rug or mat is in front of the bathroom vanity cabinet. It adds warmth and comfort. It is much more comfortable to stand on a soft surface when standing in the same place for an extended period of time. There are also rugs that are cut to fit around the base of your toilet choice because this is another area where it is nice to have a rug. The correct placement of rugs in the room can also enhance the overall look and feel of the room.


There is a wide variety of colors available for bathroom rugs. Many people like to coordinate the rugs with the style of the decor in the room’s vanity and coordinating decorative mirror. Patterns and textures can add dimension to a small room, as well as adding a touch of flair to a plain room. A rug with a color that contrasts with the finish on the floor can make a great decorative statement and enhance the look of the room in an easy manner. Many of them are designed with patterns that will create an interesting focal point and others are simply solid to provide a simple accent.


Rugs made for the bathroom come in a large choice of sizes. A small bathroom needs a rug that works well with the dimensions of the space. A large bathroom can have an assortment of rugs placed at appropriate places within the room. If the bathroom floor is made of an outstanding tile surface, smaller rugs would be the best option so that the beauty of the floor is not hidden. Using a assortment of smaller rugs also makes taking them up for cleaning much easier.


Rugs that are produced these days come in a wide variety of material, ranging from cotton to polyester-cotton blend to those made with natural materials such as sea grass or sisal. Any one of these types of materials is a good choice. They will all add warmth and comfort to the room. The textures created when the rugs are woven will also add a nice decorative touch to the functionality. A rug that is all cotton will be very absorbent, so this material is a good choice for the rug just outside of the shower and bathtub. A cotton-polyester blend will dry quickly which is an important consideration because of the moist atmosphere in the room. Rugs in the bathroom will need to be cleaned at regular intervals so keep the cleaning requirements in mind when choosing the right rug for the bathroom.

There are many fine bathroom floor coverings available on this site. Taking the time to choose just the right ones for the bathroom is time well spent. Any questions or concerns are welcomed at 866-526-1843. Our team enjoys helping clients to find the perfect bathroom accessories to compliment their remodel.