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At Unique Vanities, we are constantly working to deliver quality, innovative products for our customers. To that end, we offer these beautiful bamboo vessel sinks, which you can incorporate into a variety of counter top and cabinet situations. The bamboo sinks offer a natural look that is refreshing and bright. They would be perfect for a variety of bathroom décor choices, from minimalist Oriental design to contemporary and modern looks. Anytime you purchase a vessel sink, there are various technical aspects to consider. In order to help you purchase the perfect sink for your bathroom or washroom space, we have provided the buying guide below.

One of the first considerations when purchasing any sink should be size. Under mount and surface mount sinks require size considerations to ensure that they will fit into pre-cut counters. Vessel sinks are a bit easier to size, but you should still consider your counter space and intended use. A sink that is wider or longer than the counter will look funny and possibly cause issues with functionality. Measure the counter space to determine maximum dimensions for your sink. You should also consider depth. A deep vessel will allow for more functional washing and use, but may be difficult for smaller children to reach. A very shallow sink brings an elegant look to the counter, but may allow more splashing than you desire.

You may need to choose new fixtures to go with your vessel sink. Chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel will all look great with these bamboo sinks. You will need to ensure that the faucet and spout are at the right height for your sink choice. A very tall faucet works well with a deep or high sink, but for a shallow sink, you should choose a shorter fixture to avoid splashing.

Vessel sinks usually require single hole faucet with pop-up drain fixtures. You will want to choose a drain that matches the finish of your faucet for a complete look.

Plumbing Concerns
Obviously, your sink choice must fit existing plumbing and cabinetry cutouts. With our bamboo vessel sinks, you only have to worry about a single plumbing measurement. As long as your cabinet, counter top and plumbing are set up for a single-hole faucet, then you are okay installing a vessel sink. Look at each listing for the drain hole measurement to ensure that the individual sink matches your plumbing. Most of our sinks offer a 1.5 inch drain hole compatibility.

You also want to ensure that the sink works with your overall bathroom design. A bamboo sink is gorgeous, but if your entire bathroom is decorated to resemble an old castle, then a bit of sleek bamboo will look out of place. Consider how the sink will look with other elements in your bathroom and whether it will match your cabinet and counter top choices. You should also consider whether the sink is likely to work with any future design changes before you make a purchase.