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Antique Brass Bathroom Faucets Buying Guide

Our antique brass vanity faucet selections offer high quality materials and a versatile range of sizes and styles. When purchasing a faucet for your bathroom sink, it is essential that you choose a product that will fit your needs, space and plumbing. Here are some guidelines for purchasing an antique brass faucet that is perfect for your space.

Length of Spout

Length of spout is very important in your fixture choice. You should consider the type of activity that will be conducted in the sink prior to making a spout selection. Will you only need the faucet for standard activities like brushing teeth and washing hands, or will you need to fill large containers in the sink? Asking yourself these types of questions will help you decide whether you need a tall faucet or a more traditional short spout. You should also consider the type of sink you are pairing with the fixture. A small, shallow sink and a tall spout can cause splashing on the counter. A vessel sink requires a certain type of faucet and a wide spout with high flow might pair best with a deep basin.


While the length and style of a faucet is important and you want to choose a fixture that will best suit your personal preferences, you also need to consider plumbing configuration. Take a look at your sink if you are replacing an existing faucet, or check the configuration of a vanity if you are ordering all new pieces. Does the vanity or sink have a single hole for the faucet or three holes? If there are three holes, then the spout and two handles can be fitted separately. If there is a single hole, then you need to select a faucet where the temperature and water pressure controls are incorporated into the same connection as the faucet.


If you are choosing a three-hole fixture, you need to ensure it fits the pre-drilled holes for your sink and vanity. This involves checking the spread. Measure the distance from the side holes in your sink and compare that with the spread measurement on the faucet. If you are purchasing all components at the same time, make sure you check to ensure the pieces are compatible.


Our antique brass fixtures can be incorporated into a variety of decor choices. However, you may want to be cognizant of other fixtures in the room. If you have all chrome fixtures and add a single brass faucet, it may appear out of place. You may also want to consider the color and materials that make up your vanity, sink and surrounding accessories. Your faucet should merge well with all other elements in your bathroom.


Most faucets are made to fit standard plumbing elements. Before purchasing any faucet, ensure that it is compatible with your plumbing system. You should also ensure the faucet comes with a matching drain. There are some faucet sets that require you to purchase a drain separately.